Tim de Vos is an award winning magician based in Amsterdam. He is a showman whose sole purpose is to amaze and astonish every single mind he meets. By offering a fascinating and exclusive look into the world of mind reading, sleight of hand and other incredible features, he takes your audience on an extraordinary journey that is guaranteed to provide an engaging and unforgettable experience.

Tim de Vos spent a large portion of his life studying the performance arts. Studying at the University of Arts in Amsterdam in 2011 as a dancer and actor, he came to realize his true love lay with Magic. Today he is a full-time professional performer who dedicates his life to the art of astonishment. He lectures monthly to other entertainers in the field and was awarded the 1st price of best close up Magician at the Flemish Magic Championship 2017.

Because every audience has its own unique appeal, all performances are tailor made to rhyme with the occasion. Contact Tim de Vos to learn more about the possibilities.


Tim de Vos is an artist who sets his stage custom-fit to the audience he faces. Whether he’s performing at your next branding event, corporate party, wedding or the animated scene of downtown Amsterdam. He’s a versitile performer who’s style is defined by the venue and crowd he gathers, because it’s the minds of an involved and exhilirated audience that make magic truly excelent and marvelous. It is this belief that Tim uses to give his shows meaning and direction, making it his mission and purpose to knock everybody’s socks off.


Whether you're looking for a mind-blowing presentation for your branding event, product launch, trade show or gala diner. By performing up and close, Tim de Vos is guaranteed to have an interactive and connecting impact on your audience.

Tim de Vos can build a crowd within minutes, elegantly move from table to table or approach your audience in a walk around setting. By combining a creative, theatrical mindset and a commercial approach, Tim de Vos provides a tailor made solution to your next branding event or product launch.


Whether you're looking to increase the revenue of your hospitality business or put your venue on the map, hiring a specialized magician is the way to go. Tim de Vos has extensive experience in the hospitality business and understands the needs of the guests as well as the dynamics of a hectic hospitality setting. Facilitating your guests with the best possible experience is key.

Close up table magic ensures an exclusive experience that your guests talk about for a very long time. This way Tim de Vos provides a service that represents your business in a charming and elegant way, complimenting every other element that contributes to your guests experience.


There are rare, once in a lifetime moments that deserve all the care and dedication in the world. Whether its your wedding reception, anniversary or birthday event, a personal event like this needs a tailor made performance. Build for the occasion, as a tribute to what's being celebrated.

Tim de Vos has extensive theatrical experience and has performed as a magician and host on a multitude of occasions. On stage and close up, going from table to table or walking around amongst the guests.



Send your questions to info@timdevos.com or use the contact form below